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The Eurasian

The Eurasian is a quarterly newsletter published by the Sarawak Eurasian Association. The newsletter was revamped and relaunched at the end of 2021.

Issue 01 | Sept 2021
Issue 02 | Mar 2022

The Value of Nature:
Balancing Conservation, Development, and People in the Heart of Borneo

The Value of Nature is a publication that acts as a sort of report on programmes run by WWF-Malaysia/International Climate Initiative (IKI).

"This book is a convergence of all the work that has been carried out thus far – a vision and simultaneously a reflection of Sarawak’s current circumstances as it stands with its indigenous communities and wildlife – and presents a pictorial brief of the state’s sustainable potential that could place it in a powerful strategic position in a world that increasingly feels the impact of an economic-ecological imbalance."

Below is a preview of the first ten pages of the book, as well as the acknowledgements page with my name listed at the bottom.

IKI-WWF_Coffeetable book_Acknowledgements copy.jpg
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